Our Visions

ALGOGENE is a startup FinTech company, founded by a group of experienced and enthusiastic professionals. As a data driven investment company, we leveraged information and computational advantages of Big Data and AI for algorithmic trading.

Did you admire achieving stable capital growth like other financial giants doing? Have you thought of letting robots work for you all the days? At ALGOGENE, it won't be a dream! Here we are redefining the future of financial world! With a simple data architecture and shared trading infrastructure, we believe everyone will have their own Robotic Asset Managers.

As a performance and result oriented team, we have on-going enhancements and developments in terms of products variety, server performance, data quality, user interface, and internet security, which provide world class financial and trading solutions to everyone.

  • We provide a web-based IDE for algorithm strategy development. As long as there is internet access, you can build your trading robots anytime and anywhere.
                            So far, we support multi-asset backtesting up to tick level environment, and also in SIT stage for live testing in real time market. In the near future, we will further support live algorithmic trading. From when, we will provide one-stop services for users to complete their strategy development, testing, and real time execution. 
                            In long run, we strive to establish our backtest platform as the testing, accreditation, audit and forensics standard in terms of academia and industry for quantitative strategies and models development.

    Market Position

    Plan Your Trade Anytime And Anywhere

  • We work hard to structure our platform in a simpler and easier manner so that users even without relevant background can pick up quickly. No matter you are already experienced investors, institutional traders, academic professionals, or even students and housekeepers, you can also develop your own Robo-Traders.  
                            We target to build up a community to grow and learn together with users, hoping to witness the popularity and development of quantitative investment in Hong Kong and mainland China. As such, we provide you a <b>FREE</b> access to our open backtest platform upon your registration.
                            We also work closely with different financial institutions, wealth managers, professional traders and academia with a view to establish a <b>'Trading Algo Supermarket'</b> aiming at linking up different users with potential investors.

    Business Model

    Be Your Own Investment Manager

  • Being algo developers, we also conduct on-going research in Algo Finance. In recent years, we have got a number of award winning trading Algo from various local and international quantitative trading competitions. 
                            So far, we have provided quantitative trading solutions such as Robo-Analyzer, Robo-Advisor, and Robo-Trader for private investors or for in-house proprietary trading. In the future, we might release our algorithmic trading strategy for public subscription.

    Research and Development

    Let's Robo-Traders Work For Everyone

Our Services

ALGOGENE provides one-stop services for Algorithmic Trading solutions, including quantitative model development, strategy backtest, real time strategy testing, live trading deployment, strategy publication/subscription, and customer training. Our enginee supports big data analytics up to full tick data level, and it covers various financial instruments from Commodity, Crypto Currency, Equity Index, Interest Rate, and Forex market.

Upon your registration, you can enjoy the open backtesting platform FREELY*.

* add-on services will be subject to charges.

Plan the Trade, then Trade the Plan

Many traders struggle for consistency because they fails to follow pre-defined rules and also unconfident with their strategies. ALGOGENE helps you to develop, plan and test your strategy before committing real money.

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Use Math to Play against God's Creatures

Many successful trading strategy is nothing but to discover the economic or statistical relationship among financial instruments.

Whether you have been taught with a set of trading rules or quantitative models, you probably want to see how it performs over different markets and time horizons. From ALGOGENE, you can apply, study, test, and prove it, which largely increase your confidence to succeed in real market.

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Automate Your Trading Strategies

Human being has many limitations likes emotions, health, timeliness and accuracy of execution, processing time to digest massive information, etc.

ALGOGENE take your trading to the next level, enabling you to explore more trading opportunity in different markets and to fully automate and execute your strategy in 24x7.

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Our core research and development team gather professionals from Mathematics, Statistics, Risk Management, Actuarial Science, Finance, and Computer Science, providing strong supports in quantitative data processing, strategy and trading algorithms development.

Integrated IDE

Full-featured IDE leverages the power of Python to develop any strategy you can imagine. With a simple but powerful API, you can quickly build your first strategy within 30 mins following our detailed technical document.

Big Data Mining

Our database include various financial data covering Forex, Commodity, Equity Index, Crypto Asset, etc. We support end-of-day down to tick level data. With our fully managed historical market data, it provides a highly reliable simulation result.

Cloud Computing

All strategies will be running on server side and it consumes minimal computing resource from users. Our multi-threaded architecture supports massive strategies running in parallel and it largely improves the speed of strategy testing.

Real Time Monitor

Employing a socket design, we support real time monitor for long processing strategy tests or live trading strategies, allowing you to closely monitor the latest preformance with a detailed analysis.

Bank Level Security

We strive to achieve a bank level security standard. All your personal information and strategy scripts have a 256-bit encryption. We also achieve several layers of authentication to verify and protect you from any potential cyber thefts.

Quant Toolkits

We provide a wide range of popular quantitative model packages saving you the time in coding the algorithms. From traditional technical analysis, mathematical models to the modern AI machine learning, it allows you to develop various strategies easily.

Live Deployment

Whenever you desire to implement your strategy for live testing or production, we support a quick toggle of channel so that the same strategy script can be executed almost immediately with our partner brokers or exchanges.

Customized Environment

You can customize the backtest environment such as data interval and financial instruments to better suit your strategy styles and needs. A tailor maded backtest environment could be cost efficient to those with special market/strategy focus.


  • Company Registration

    ALGOGENE FINANCIAL TENHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED is successfully registered in Hong Kong.

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Whatever comments regarding our products and services, or any intention for cooperation, you are welcome to contact us.

We appreciate hearing your opinions and thoughts, and your feedback is viewed as a driving force for our progress.

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Phone: (852) 5327-7602

Email: support@algogene.com


Terms of Use

These terms and conditions govern the use of any related products/ services from ALGOGENE website. We might update these terms from time to time, by posting such changes on the website and/or notifying you with emails. Your use of our website after such changes will constitute your agreement on those updates.

1. Limited License

Provided that you agree with these terms and register as a member, ALGOGENE will grant you an independent and untransferable account to access to our platform. As a member, we provide various tools, materials and infrastructure designed for you to learn, build, and/or apply your trading algorithms/ codes/ scripts in real market. You must acknowledge that all the services we provided are for registered members use only, members are prohibited to use our platform to provide any services for third parties use, except you have received permission from us.

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4. Proprietary Rights

Your developed/submitted trading strategies, scripts, codes, or algorithms on the platform are primarily considered as your own intellectual property. ALGOGENE is not allowed to transfer, distribute, or use without your consensus. On the other hand, it is your duty not to include any third party’s intellectual property or other proprietary with legal rights in developing your algorithm on our platform.

5. Disclaimers

You acknowledge and understand that we do not provide any investment advice regarding the nature, value, risk or suitability of any investment strategy, trading algorithm, financial instrument, or investment decision. You acknowledge and agree that any decisions made in reliance on our platform including any trading or investment decisions or strategies, are made at your own risk.

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